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Le Chevrier du Nord was founded in 2000 by Régis (agriculturist), Marjolaine (knitter), Camille (farmer and mechanic) and Annie Pilote (clothing designer) on their family farm purchased in 1960. Le Chevrier du Nord is a farming business that raises angora goats to provide a much sought after textile which is transformed into designer clothing. The angora goat’s hair, called mohair, is yielded in great quantities to provide an amply supply of high-grade material in all the garments. The artisans at Le Chevrier du Nord use traditional production methods such as knitting, weaving, felting, fulling and dyeing, which they convert into a modern style using the necessary tools to fabricate clothing.

Le Chevrier du Nord benefits from the services of family and regional artisans, including Lise (weaver), Tania (agricultural technician), Hélène (knitter), Lucette (weaver), Michel (woollen mill machine operator), Véronique (gardener), Diane (goatherd) and Annie (knitter). These working methods favour the exchange of techniques and the passing on of knowledge between generations.