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annie_piloteAnnie Pilote

Designer Annie Pilote was very attracted to the form complexity and fundamental symbolism that surround clothing. What first started out as a mystery to her, most likely led to her interest in discovering the clothing enigma. Only by reflecting on the essence of its fabrication, digging deep into its history and prying into its greatest secrets can Annie explain why she chose clothing as her field of specialty and her medium for creating.

For Annie, clothing is a moving form that is conducive to communicating ideas, expressing plastic language and consequently, to exploring art. 

Her clothing designs are the result of a symbiosis between material and form in connection with her own culture and knowledge. In this way, she explores clothing as a textile material, using craftsmanship to infuse an artistic quality for shaping the human body. Her goal is to express traditional production methods in a modern fashion in order to accentuate the timeless personality of the garments. These methods give a certain distinction to the material and the form of the clothing. It is precisely this disctinction that Annie likes to reveal through her clothing designs:

“clothing as a memory in time”.